Welcome to God in the Raw Ministries, Inc. – the healing ministry of the 7th Day Church of the Living God.  I deeply appreciate you taking time to visit the God in the Raw Ministries and I pray that you will find both our tools and resources helpful and life changing. God in the Raw Ministries want you and your family to feel connected and wholesome. Whether you’re single, married, with kids, or without, we have something for everyone! Check out the various ways we can serve you and your family, and then let us help you get plugged in.

God never intended for you to walk life’s journey alone. Not only is He with you always, but He’s also provided others to walk beside you on the journey of life. True and lasting contentment is discovered as you begin to recognize and accept the plan that God has for you, and understand that you are a vital part of His master plan to heal His people from all hurt and disappointments.

Our organization is confronting a time of many changes, but with the help of God, we are meeting these changes, even in a time of a larger nation-wide and global change. Keeping a spiritual focus in a world that dictates otherwise is not easy. However, it is the mission of this ministry along with its supporters and strong leaders, to continue to reach out to the hurting people in our community, and to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge as we help to provide the tools to build a lasting foundation for our families. As we continue to grow and acclimatize, we purpose to remain always adaptable, motivated and responsive to the needs of our families and the need to live our best lives now, according to the will of God.

We’re transforming the way we fulfill our mission as we continuously improve our ability to find new resources, create the path to reach those who need help, minister to the hurting and bring healing to the nation. Welcome and God bless you!


Dr. Charmane Gayle-Peart

Pioneer & Initiator

God in the Raw Ministries, Inc.


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Upcoming God In The Raw conferences: 

Mr. and Mr’s Adams Family Life Conference 2021

The next conference will Be held on January 14-17, 2021 at The Embassy Suite Hotel at 1601 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, Fl 33406. Book Your room now.



Marriage club

The mission of the marriage club is to provide opportunities through social gatherings, retreats, workshops and seminars to nurture marriages, build and maintain healthy relationships and for couples to restore love and respect to each other as depicted by Christ.

Children’s club

It’s a vehicle designed to reach children from every background. We are cognizant that we live in a world full of hurting children and our mission is to reach out and touch the lives of as many of them as possible. While this club is fun and interactive, it is also saturated with the Word of God and prayer. Our children will be taught how to remain chaste and how not to become victims of peer pressure – but to be the head and not the tail (Deuteronomy 28:13). We are here to help – Take advantage of our training, programs, resources, and links. It is our goal to expand the Children’s Club by taking the scope of our mission into the community.

Singles Club

Our mission is to create an environment where singles can feel free to express themselves while portraying a godly and pleasing lifestyle, and where resources are made available to assist them in making prudent decisions for a rewarding future.

A healing Ministry live

Join us live

Every Sunday you can find Hosts Dr. Charmane Gayle- Peart, Duraine Gayle, and Kasandra Peart Live on this website, Facebook, Youtube, and the radio at 103.7 FM Superjamz Radio (superjamz.com) Tune in and Power up your week with God in the Raw Ministries.

Prayer Request

The Word of the Lord declares that wherever two or three people gather, touching anything concerning His name, He promises to be in the midst. So, supernatural things can happen when people are in harmony. It’s a standard directly from the Word of God, and God in the Raw Ministries is committed to praying with people, just like you, who have a longing for the deliverance of God in your life.

When you submit your prayer requests, they are directed to a team of armor bearers that labor on the altar of God – to intercede for an answer from God. It is our prayer that you see God’s amazing power at work in your life. Complete the request form so we can join forces with you and intercede on your behalf, for your particular need.

Put God to the test – God in the Raw Ministries…working God for you!