Bishop Glen Cropped

Bishop Glenton J. Gayle is a devoted husband of one, father of five and spiritual leader to many, both here and abroad, who continuously aspires to be more so that he can give more to those he serve. Bishop Gayle is a native of the Island of Jamaica and responded to the call of God on his life at a very early age. He migrated to the United States in 1980 but never allowed the glitter and temporal promises of this blessed country to sway his mindset in being a friend of God. Bishop Gayle is the senior Pastor of the 7th Day Church of the Living God, located in West Palm Beach, Florida and the overseer for other branches of the ministry in the island of Jamaica. He is classified as a leader of all leaders; very humble and dedicated to the call that God has placed on his life. He is hailed as a servant leader because of the time he takes to understand the quality of his people, the quality of their work and the quality of their spirit. He is no doubt a servant first, who feels a certain sense of responsibility to those he lead. Bishop Gayle is anointed to preach and teach the word and many have been delivered through his fervent leadership and words of prophesy. His ultimate desire is to build the kingdom of God by using the channel of evangelism, a gift with which the Lord has blessed him. He has preached the message of salvation and restoration in such places as the United Kingdom, throughout the Caribbean and the United States. Bishop Gayle declares the word of the Lord without apology when he ministers to hundreds as well as when he ministers to a few. He has no fear in standing on the promises of God. He has a desire to see people surpass the precincts of the flesh and be all that God calls them to be.

Bishop Gayle attends Liberty University where he is approaching graduation, with his Master of Arts in Theological Studies. His life is a testament of his commitment to serving God with his whole heart. He has demonstrated a model of integrity and has managed to live out his convictions and stay committed, not just to his family, but his ministry. Remaining humble in the face of a growing ministry, he has earned the respect of other church leaders and those he serves. He is married to the beautiful Barbara Gayle, celebrating twenty-four years of love and devotion.