Prophetess Charmane Gayle-Peart, PhD

Dr. Peart

Prophetess Dr. Charmane Gayle-Peart has been and continues to be the hand extended to her church family and the extended community on a professional level for over 18 years in the areas of counseling and mentoring singles, children and families. She has a passion to help others and to provide guidance in helping one to realize and embrace his/her full potential. Given her level of responsibilities, she continues to distinguish herself by staying committed to the mission to help individuals live life to the fullest extent of their abilities and the quality of her work is evident in the testimonies of everyone that she has had the opportunity to serve.  She has an amazing impact on the people she comes in contact with, no matter to what degree or on what level.

Dr. Peart has always aspired for greatness but has never allowed her personal aspirations to overshadow who call God has called her to be. She is the author of the first newly released book in the series based on building strong families, titled “Strong Sons: The Tunnel Journey.” She fervently serves as Assistant Pastor at the 7th Day Church of the Living God and is the engine that God propels behind the healing ministry, God in the Raw, which has given birth to a great initiative, the Mr. & Mrs. Adam Family Life Conference. She is also a licensed Clinical Religious Counselor which enhances the gift of counseling that God has invested in her. Her principles and ideology are deeply grounded in high moral standards and integrity, as she continually seeks the face of God for directives on how to help His people.

She is an anointed speaker who indisputably makes room to be used by God, whenever and wherever. Hundreds have been blessed by her riveting sermons and the authoritative prophetic ministry that God has placed on her life. Her commitment, dedication, and passion for serving God are unparalleled and one to be admired and emulated. She is the vessel that God has anointed to cultivate the annual family life conference – specifically designed to meet the needs of families from different genres of lifestyle, fighting different battles and expecting different resolve. She is also blessed to be the leading woman in the life of Deacon Peter Peart for the past 25 years, who has set an unprecedented example for other marriages, and the proud mother to KaSandra and Peter Jr.