A Brief History of God in the Raw Ministries, Inc.


A few years ago, Dr. Prophetess Charmane Peart had a speaking engagement in Delaware.  As the presence of the Lord permeated the atmosphere, people were being delivered from various situations. In the midst of it all, a woman came pressing through the crowd asking Dr, Peart, “Can you please pray for my niece’s daughter, she is in the hospital at Jackson Memorial in Miami.”

After the service was finished, the woman insisted on speaking to Dr. Peart about her niece’s daughter. She then expressed the horrific story that broke Dr. Peart’s heart. The thirteen year old was taken to the hospital, and was given the wrong medication, which placed her in a comma for several months. After she came out the comma, she could not speak and was unable to recognize anyone because she was brain damaged.

Upon hearing this sad story, Dr. Peart was determined to visit the child at Jackson Memorial Hospital. There, she, along with Bishop Glenton Gayle and a few prayer warriors believed as she prayed, and she laid her mantle on the child from her head to her toe. She then gave her mother a bottle of olive oil; this oil was on the altar for forty days, as the church fasted and prayed and instructed her to anoint the child for seven days. Dr. Peart and one of the veteran prayer warriors, Sister Marjorie Beckford, then fasted on the seventh day, in anticipation for a miracle from God. On that very evening, the child spoke to her mother for the first time in months.

This was an incredible moment because doctors told the mother that there was no hope for her daughter – but she refused to believe what the doctors say. Her faith was evident in the note she wrote and placed over her daughter’s bed declaring that “my child is healed in Jesus’ name.” Surely this was a joke to the doctors and nurses. Yes! If you believe it, God will do it! The mother has since then promised to share her daughter’s story everywhere that Dr. Peart will preach the good news about the love and power of the one and only magnificent and miraculous God.

Their first trip was in Baltimore, Maryland. As Dr. Peart prepared for the trip, her secretary asked “Do you need any help in preparing a power point presentation.” Dr. Peart replied, “No, I’m just bringing God in the raw,” referring to the miracle of the thirteen year old.  For some unknown reason, the phrase “God in the raw” could not leave her spirit.

With the sanction in her sprit, she stood up before the congregation as she uttered her first few statements “I’m here today without notes and without my bible. Today I bring to you God in the raw.” After that presentation, the phrase still lingered in her spirit. She then asked the Lord, “What do you want me to do with this?” and the astounding response came, “This is the name of the healing ministry that has been birth.”

Little did she know that God would have her established the name and use it as one aspect of our growing ministry at the 7th Day Church of the Living God. Today this is the name behind our healing ministry – healing minds, bodies and souls, and touching the lives of people everywhere. God in the Raw Ministries has also given birth to the annual Mr. & Mrs. Adam Family Life Conference, a marriage club, singles club, and a soon coming, teen club, a God in The Raw store and much more.