940x283 Singles Club 

Mission Statement:  To create an environment where singles can feel free to express themselves while portraying a godly and pleasing lifestyle, and where resources are made available to assist them in making prudent decisions for a rewarding future.

Vision Statement:  To empower singles to be complete and enjoy a fulfilled life of singleness while enhancing their characters and shaping their lives to transition into model spouses.

GRMSC hopes to assist singles to learn how to:

  • Live happy and content with being single
  • Be prepared for marriage
  • Identify qualities suitable in a mate
  • Develop healthy social associations
  • Build self esteem
  • Understand the underlying principles of marriage
  • Practice and experience the importance of being true to one self at a deeper level so as to be able to be true to others
  • Love and appreciate self and in turn, love and appreciate others
  • Control anger and work through disappointments
  • Apply the art of forgiveness for self and for others
  • Understand one’s temperament



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GRMSC Membership Application